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Karate Combat 4oz Training Gloves

Karate Combat 4oz Training Gloves

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Karate Combat’s official fight gloves combine the padding of boxing mitts with the flexibility & dexterity of traditional MMA gloves. 


Materials & Facts

    • Genuine Cowhide Leather
    • Exact Same Glove as used in KC Pro Fights
    • Machine Molded, EVA Foam Padding
    • PU Piping
    • Inside Lining Tricot
    • Wrap-around Velcro Closure Straps

Consistent Performance & Durability
Look, a lot of companies want to sell you something based on so-called premium materials. You know, expertly crafted with water-proof silk and stuffed with indestructible llama hair. 

But every fighter knows that form and function are what matter most. What's llama hair doing for your fighting technique? Nada.

High-quality Gear Shouldn’t Require a Second Mortgage on Your House.
Despite their affordability, these Karate Combat fight gloves are the exact same gloves the KC pros use inside The Pit. 

They’re made with genuine cowhide leather, which is not only affordable but reliable & durable to withstand years of training. There's a reason why humans have been crafting leather armor for thousands of years.

Lightweight & Flexible Feel
The flexible open-palm & thumbless figure gives you the mobility to go from striking to grappling with ease.

Upgraded Security
Unlike traditional gloves, Karate Combat’s mitts are designed with a natural ergonomic curvature, giving your hands, wrists, and fingers upgraded security while limiting unintentional eye-poking.


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