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Official Karate Combat Gi

Official Karate Combat Gi

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Color: White
Size: A1
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This is THE Official Karate Combat Gi. The Official Karate Combat Gi is the exact same gi worn by Karate Combat fighters inside The Pit. It is not some reduced-quality duplicate, nor is it a “dummied down” version of our gi.

See that picture of Lyoto Machida wearing our gi? Yep, that’s the gi you’re buying. (Well, we didn’t rip yours off his back. He doesn’t wear every single gi before we sell them… because, you know… he doesn’t fit into a size A1.)

Our karateka wear the lower half of this uniform during fights. Under the intensity of full-contact Karate Combat, the Karate Combat Gi doesn’t tear, or rip, or malfunction in any way. In addition, our world-class fighters put in countless hours of training while donning the full uniform all along their journey to The Pit, starting with training sessions at their home dojo and lasting all the way to their backstage prep.

You’ll find images and videos of Karate Combat athletes wearing their KC Gi on their social media channels. That’s their choice. There are many gis out there, but they don’t all instill the pride, or give you the comfort and durability of The Official Karate Combat Gi. Buy yours, now.


  • Contents: 100% cotton
  • Screen-printed design / Embroidered design

Official Karate Combat Gi

Regular price $80.00


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